Apply for Urgent India e-Visa

The Government of India has simplified the process of obtaining an Indian Visa by launching an Indian e-Visa (visa you can attain online). The sole motive of launching an online visa is to let the tourists enter the country without any trouble.

Indian e-Visa is sub-divided into 5 categories which are e-Tourist visa India , e-Business visa India , e-Medical visa India , e-Medical Attendant visa, and e-Conference visa. If any traveler wants to visit India for a short period of time, he/she may apply for an e-Visa India.

Urgent Indian Visa

The citizens of more than 160 countries can apply for an Indian visa online.

Processing of Indian e-Visa

Indian e-Visa can be processed in two different ways, which are:

  1. Normal Processing- It takes a duration of around 4-7 business days when you apply for India e-Visa via normal processing. Through normal processing, you can apply a visa for any of the five categories of e-Visa.
  2. Urgent Processing- Under urgent processing, one can obtain an Indian e-visa in 24-72 hours only depending on the emergency of the situation. Any traveler can apply for an urgent Indian visa online under the following unpredictable situations:
  3. Any medical emergency that cannot wait
  4. Accident or death of a closed one
  5. Any legal Commitments

The emergency visa to India can be obtained all around the year (weekends included) except on the National Holidays of India on 26th January, 15th August and 2nd October respectively.

How to Apply for Urgent Indian e-Visa

To apply Indian visa online on an urgent basis, the applicant needs to follow a few easy steps.

  1. Fill up the online visa application form carefully recheck it again to avoid any chances of rejection.
  2. Upload all the mandatory documents depending on the type of visa.
  3. Upload a clear passport styled digital photo with a white background.
  4. Pay the applicable visa fees online using your Credit or Debit card.

Documents to be submitted for Indian Emergency Visa

The necessary documents that are needed to be submitted while applying for an urgent Indian e-Visa depend on the type of visa you need to obtain. However, a scanned copy (PDF format) of the first and last page of the applicant’s passport with a size of 10 MB to 300 MB has to be uploaded for every category of e-Visa India.

For an Indian emergency visa, you need to submit the documents showing the nature of the emergency, which will help the government to approve your visa as soon as possible.

The processing of visa starts only after you upload all the documents and pay the whole amount of the applicable visa fees.

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Apply Indian e-Visa

Indian e-Visa Scam, Beware from Fake websites

The Indian Ministry of Tourism has warned applicants regarding various ongoing frauds. The e-visa applicants are advised only to use the official website of GOI or a third party that is certified and has the proof of authenticity. There are several fraudulent websites that are claiming to be real but actually stealing the user information and seeking false payments

Indian e-Visa

Key points to remember:

  1. There is no agent directly or indirectly linked to the Government of India. So the official website is the only 100% authentic source. So, believing an inter mediator is your choice.
  2. The fake websites usually charge significantly high prices for urgent processing. So, such scams should not be believed.
  3. The only link to reach the official e-visa application is:www.indianvisaonline.gov.in
  4. Only the permitted 167 countries’ citizens can apply for e-visa under the specific category from e-tourist, e-Business or e-medical visa. Choose the one that matches the purpose of your visit. Also, make sure that your intended activities are allowed under the e-visa you have chosen.

Background: recently the Government of India has two new categories of e-visa namely e-conference and e-medical attendant visa. These newly added options are meant to make the e-visa program a better choice for everyone out there. But before opting for any e-visa category the travelers must ensure that the specific activities they are looking forward to, are permitted on the visa type, they are applied under. If you have any doubts or questions that should contact BAL attorneys of their nation get to know about the best options for you.

Some major Indian scam websites are:

  1. e-touristvisaindia.com
  2. indianvisaonline.org.in
  3. E-visaindia.com

To apply Indian e-visa there is no need to submit your passport. It takes a minimum of four days to get the visa approval which can go to a maximum of 120 days. So make sure you follow the margin before applying instead of believing in a fake website for an urgent visa.

The e-visa rules and eligibility are mentioned on the official website and under no circumstances the visa will be approved if the candidate is not eligible. So if someone is tempting you with fake promises, do not trust them with your money and report such scams.

Also, the Indian government has not assigned any third party for applying on behalf of travelers. Moreover, GOI does not call you for e-visa promotion so make sure whenever you receive such a call, hung up immediately.

So, keep your ears and eyes open and do not fall for a trap.

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What Is the Safest Roller Coaster?

I love riding roller coasters. The feeling of going up a steep incline and then plummeting back to earth is exhilarating. I first started riding the longest roller coasters in 2005 but I was too scared to go on anything more than a kiddie ride. By the end of 2006, I had beaten my fear and was ready to conquer some larger rides. What I didn’t know, however, was that safety stats on roller coasters can drastically increase your chances of staying on the ride when you get back in line.

The safest roller coaster is the Millenium Force.

The Millennium Force is ranked as the number one roller coaster in North America and has been voted the best steel coaster in the world.

The ride has a top speed of 93 mph, but the average speed during the ride is only 38 mph.

It has no loop or corkscrews, and its highest point is 310 feet above the ground. The duration of the ride is two minutes and twenty seconds.

How to be safe on any Roller Coasters?

If you are afraid of heights, then it’s a good idea to avoid the highest roller coasters in the world. But if you want to experience the thrill of riding a roller coaster, here are some tips to keep in mind:

– Stay out of the front row or near the edge of any ride.

– Don’t stand up while the ride is in motion.

– Make sure all loose items have been secured.

– Avoid loose clothing and jewelry that could get caught in any moving parts of the ride.

– Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and check that it is secure before the ride begins.

– If you feel sick, sit down and put your head between your legs.

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Where Are All The Disneylands And Theme Parks Located?

You might have heard the news recently that Walt Disney World has been voted the number-one theme park in the world for the 6th year in a row. And you might be wondering why there are other parks on this list that aren’t owned by Disney. Well, there’s more than one Disneyland ticket price that is cheap in the world! There are actually a total of 13 including 6 outside of the United States and 9 that are owned by Disney. Some of them are well known like Shanghai Disneyland, but others like Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland might be unknown to some readers.

Disneyland Paris, France

This park is the oldest of the Disney parks to be built and opened. It’s located in Marne-la-Vallee, a suburb of Paris. It’s home to two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. The first park has four themed areas: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Discoveryland. The second park is home to five areas: Backlot, Production Courtyard, Front Lot, Mickey Avenue, and Toon Studio.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is like a smaller version of Disneyland Park in California — but with Japanese characters and music instead of American ones. It’s not as big as its American counterpart, but there are still plenty of great rides to enjoy here.


Epcot isn’t just an amusement park — it also has exhibits about science, technology, culture, and nature that you won’t find anywhere else in Orlando or even at other Disney parks around the world. It’s worth visiting if only for these attractions alone — but there are also plenty of rides here too if you’re looking for something more exciting than learning about outer space!

Shanghai Disneyland Park (Shanghai)

Shanghai Disneyland Park opened in 2016 and has yet to reach its potential as a major tourist destination. Attendance is down significantly from 2017 when it had 7 million visitors. As China’s first Disney park, Shanghai has a lot to prove over the next few years if it wants to remain competitive with other parks around the globe.

Tokyo DisneySea (Tokyo)

Tokyo DisneySea opened in 2001 and serves as the Japanese equivalent of Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida — an educational theme park with rides based on real scientific principles like gravity and physics rather than typical fantasy rides like Pirates of the Caribbean or Space Mountain that you might find at Disneyland. The park is divided into seven different “ports of call” that serve as an educational journey through the world’s oceans and seas, complete with rides like Journey to the Center of the Earth, a roller coaster that takes visitors on a journey through volcanic caverns deep below the earth’s surface. Tokyo DisneySea has had attendance issues as well — only 2 million people visited in 2018, down from 3 million in 2017.

Hong Kong Disneyland (Hong Kong)

Opened in 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland is the newest park on our list. It’s also the least visited, with only 5 million visitors in 2017. That’s less than half as many as its next closest competitor, Tokyo DisneySea.

Disneyland Paris

This is the only Disney park opened by Walt himself, making it an important location in Disney’s history. It’s also one of the most beautiful, with classic rides and attractions that are worth visiting even if you’re not into roller coasters or thrill rides.

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Top 5 Sushi Restaurants That are Famous for Its Traditional Taste

Sushi is a Japanese cuisine that has gained popularity around the world. It is one of the most popular types of food in the world. Sushi restaurants are famous for their traditional taste and make use of fresh ingredients that all you can eat sushi. However, there are some restaurants that make use of artificial flavors or additives to enhance the taste of sushi. The following are the top 5 sushi restaurants that are famous for their traditional taste:

Nobu Restaurant

Nobu is a well-known restaurant chain with branches all over the world. It serves authentic Japanese cuisine and has become very popular in recent times. The restaurant offers both traditional and modernized versions of sushi, which makes it unique from other Sushi restaurants.

Sushi Park

Sushi Park is another famous chain restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. The restaurant also has branches all over the world including America, Canada, and Europe among others. The menu consists of both traditional and modernized versions of sushi as well as other dishes such as tempura, soups, and desserts etcetera. The restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Sushi Park has become one of the most popular restaurants for both locals and tourists alike.

Sushi Jin (Tokyo)

Sushi Jin is located in Tokyo, Japan and it has been serving some of the best sushi since its inception in 1960. This restaurant has been featured on several television shows and magazines due to its high-quality service and delicious food items.

Sushi Gen

Sushi Gen is located at 10711 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025 and it’s open from 11:00 am – 2:30 pm Monday through Friday and from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm on Friday and Saturday nights only. This place offers an extensive menu with many traditional Japanese dishes including sashimi, nigiri, tempura udon noodle soup as well as the popular California roll. Sushi Gen has been recognized as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for high-quality food at an affordable price.

Tsunami Sushi Bar & Grill

This restaurant has been operating since 1990 which makes it one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. The chef uses only fresh ingredients to make delicious sushi rolls that will surely amaze you! This restaurant has three branches in Kuala Lumpur and they all serve authentic Japanese cuisine at affordable prices!

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What is the best place for hot springs in Mexico?

If you plan on an amazing vacation in Mexico, you are probably aware of the fact that hot springs are a big part of it. There are multiple resorts boasting some of the best hot springs locations down here, so choosing one can be overwhelming. We will take a look at some of the best spots for hot springs in Mexico and break them down into different categories.

Hot Springs in Cabo San Lucas

The area around Cabo San Lucas is known as the “Land of Fire and Water,” because it has both many volcanoes and many hot springs. The best-known of these is Guerrero Negro, which has a number of different pools and tubs that vary in temperature from about 96 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (35-40 Celsius). There are also some private pools at this site that require reservations.

There’s another popular site at Cerro Amigos del Mar in Baja California Sur, which has several different pools with temperatures ranging from 93 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit (34-42 Celsius). This site is also near Loreto Bay National Park, which offers good snorkeling opportunities for those who want to combine their spa experience with some time at the beach.

Laguna Amatitlan

Located in the state of Jalisco, this lagoon is one of the most popular destinations for tourists coming to Mexico. It’s easy to see why — the water is absolutely stunning! The lagoon is surrounded by mountains and trees, giving it an idyllic setting that’s perfect for relaxing in nature. You can swim or just enjoy being near the water while soaking up some sun rays.

El Parque Nacional Laguna de Penasco

This national park has several hot springs located throughout it. One of these is La Bufadora (The Blowhole), which shoots up geysers and sprays out water when waves crash against rocks below it. There are also other areas where you can swim without worrying about getting hit by waves because they’re protected from them by rocks or other barriers. There are also many hiking trails that go through the park, so you can enjoy being outdoors while exploring the area.

Las Grutas Tolantongo Mexico Hot Springs

The hot springs of Las Grutas de Tolantongo are a popular destination for locals, as well as visitors from all over Mexico. With temperatures between 40 and 58 degrees, these pools are ideal for adventurers of all ages. The baths can be reached by the Guayteco River or Hwy 90, which winds through the area.

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The Best Restaurants On Anna Maria Island

Restaurants on Anna Maria Island Florida await those who visit. This Gulf coast island is located in the area locals call Pinellas County, Florida. Often called AMI, the pristine island spot is one of the best vacation destinations for couples, families, and singles who want to enjoy luxurious beach vacations. People of all ages love Anna Maria Island restaurants because they offer cooking styles from different parts of the world ranging from Cajun seafood to contemporary American seafood to exotic ethnic dishes and even barbecue.

1. Rosario’s Mexican Restaurant

Rosario’s Mexican Restaurant is a family owned business, and it shows. The service is friendly, the decor is warm and inviting, and the food is delicious. The menu features classic Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos but also has some more unusual items such as the enchilada platter with two types of chicken enchiladas topped with salsa verde. There are plenty of vegetarian options as well. The margaritas are excellent too!

2. The Beach Club at Pelican Bay Resort

Club Pelican Bay Naples Florida, Homes for Sale Pelican Bay

If you’re looking for a romantic evening out, then this is the place for you. The Beach Club at Pelican Bay Resort offers seafood, steak and pasta dishes along with a variety of salads and sandwiches that are sure to please everyone in your party. There’s even a children’s menu so your little ones can enjoy themselves too! If you’re celebrating a special occasion, they offer a champagne brunch buffet that will knock your socks off!

3. Amelia Island Brewery & Grill

Marche Burette - Omni Amelia Island Resort - Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island Brewery & Grill offers an eclectic menu with everything from burgers to ribs to pizza to steaks — all made from scratch with local ingredients whenever possible. The brewery offers a full bar with local craft beers and wines, so you can enjoy yourself even more. If you’re looking for something lighter, they offer salads and sandwiches along with daily specials.

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What is the best time to travel to Tulum?

Tulum is one of the most brilliant tourist and vacation spots in the world and every year there are thousands of people visiting Tulum to enjoy the all-inclusive Tulum Mexico weather and facilities. People from every part of the world arrive in Mexico to enjoy the fun life of the town along with the world-famous Mexican beaches of Tulum. 

But, one thing that you need to consider while planning any kind of vacation is that whenever you are going to a place for a vacation you need to consider the weather as you cannot enjoy yourself fully in bad weather conditions. The same can be said for Tulum as you need to plan your vacation at the best time of the year to get the best experience of your life in Tulum. So, we are going to tell you about the best time of the year when you can plan a perfect trip to this awesome vacationing spot. 

What is the best time to visit Tulum?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider when planning a perfect trip to Tulum to enjoy Tulum all-inclusive resorts and beaches. So, we will tell you the best season for different people.

  • If you are low on budget then, June to October will be the best season for you as the prices of all the commodities and services in Tulum are very less during this time of the year. The place is also not too packed as there are fewer tourists because of the high temperature of the place.
  • But, if you are interested in getting the best vacation then, the months of December to March are the best for you. You can plan a short trip in your winter breaks and get the best experience of your life. 

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What is tobiko sushi? 

Ever heard of Tobika Sushi? No, then you must be missing a worthy cuisine that will not only give you the next level of satisfaction but a great ride for your tongue.

So, before your mouth start watering, let’s know what is Tobiko Sushi and what does it taste like?

What is Tobiko Sushi?

Tobiko is a topping that which Japanese use on Sushi to make it more delicious and attractive.

Tobiko is known as one of the most known garnishes used in many raw Japanese dishes as it adds a salty and smoky taste to it which makes dishes tastier.

Though you will notice that it is not very popular in the west if you’re looking to buy it you will get it in many grocery stores in japan also you can order it too.

what’s Tobiko taste like?

If you are wondering what tobiko tastes like, we like to tell you, that Tobiko tastes salty and mild, smoky, crunchy with a soft texture, and sweeter as compared to other kinds of Roe.

And if you are planning to eat  Rice and fish for today’s dinner, then there is no other compliment than Tobiko as it enhances its taste and makes you overeat.

Once you have come to Tobiko Sushi Roll there is no coming back.

Now, let’s take a glance at the types of Tobiko available.

Variety of Tobiko Available.

Here is all you can eat Sushi with Tobiko.

  • Green Tobiko: With Wasaki
  • Black Tobiko: With Squid Ink
  • Red Tobiko: With Beetroot
  • Yellow Tobiko: With Japanese citrus lemon.

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Why is 26 December a holiday? 

In this article, we have provided you with some of the December 26 Holidays Observances and a list of the holidays celebrated in December globally.

Boxing day

Boxing Day is praised on December 26th consistently and is just celebrated in a couple of nations; principally ones generally associated with the UK and in a few European nations. The day additionally has strict associations and is commended as Saint Stephen’s Day in Ireland and the Catalonia locale of Spain.

Another hypothesis is that it was a free day for workers of the rich, and the day when they got an extraordinary Christmas box from their lords. The laborers would moreover get back on Boxing Day to give Christmas boxes to their families. This is one of the most popular December 26 Holidays Observances.


It is a 7-day cultural festival celebrated by African-American and Pan African people to celebrate their community and family.

Day of Goodwill

Day of goodwill is praised in South Africa.

National Candy Cane Day

It was first observed in the 17th century and now we can see it anywhere. 

National Homeowners day

This day celebrated all the homeowners.

December global holidays

This is a list of December global holidays:

  1. Hanukkah 2022 December 18th – December 26th
  2. World AIDS Day December 1st
  3. Krampusnacht December 5th
  4. Bodhi Day December 8th
  5. Feast of the Immaculate December 8th
  6. Human Rights Day December 10th
  7. St. Lucia’s Day December 13th
  8. Las Posadas December 16th – 24th
  9. International Human Solidarity Day December 20th
  10. Winter Solstice December 21st
  11. Christmas Eve December 24th
  12. Christmas December 25th
  13. Boxing Day December 26th
  14. St. Stephen’s Day December 26th
  15. Kwanza Dec 26th – 1st Jan
  16. New Year’s Eve December 31st

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Largest museum in India. 

Everyone reading this blog must have visited a museum once in their lifetime as there are plenty of museums in India but have you ever thought about what exactly is a museum?

Well, we will tell you in detail about museums in this blog and you must know that a museum is a place that exhibits and also preserves important and old artifacts. In simple words, a museum is a place where artifacts are collected as well as preserved and are exhibited for people to watch. You can also find objects which are of artistic, cultural, historical, and scientific importance in the museums as they are kept on public display for the people. 

You will also find many large and prominent museums in major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and others. But do you know about the oldest museum in India? If you don’t know then you will be surprised to know that the Indian museum is one of the oldest museums in India?

The largest museum in India

One of the oldest museums of India is also the largest museum of India. You will find a rare collection of antiques, ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and armors also and you will be quite amazed to see all this stuff. This Indian museum is located in Kolkata and has a number of Mughal paintings on display too. Also, it is not only the largest museum in India but is also the largest multi-faced museum in the Asia Pacific. 

It was built in the year 1814 and has paved the way for almost more than 400 museums in India. It is also known as the Imperial Museum at Calcutta. There might be many other museums in the country but the largest and the second largest museum in India have their own specialty and uniqueness. 

The Government Museum in Chennai is also a famous one that attracts lots of tourists also and was established in the year 1851 and if you are a history lover or a history enthusiast then this is the place for you as you will get much information about history too which will increase your knowledge. 

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