What is tobiko sushi? 

Ever heard of Tobika Sushi? No, then you must be missing a worthy cuisine that will not only give you the next level of satisfaction but a great ride for your tongue.

So, before your mouth start watering, let’s know what is Tobiko Sushi and what does it taste like?

What is Tobiko Sushi?

Tobiko is a topping that which Japanese use on Sushi to make it more delicious and attractive.

Tobiko is known as one of the most known garnishes used in many raw Japanese dishes as it adds a salty and smoky taste to it which makes dishes tastier.

Though you will notice that it is not very popular in the west if you’re looking to buy it you will get it in many grocery stores in japan also you can order it too.

what’s Tobiko taste like?

If you are wondering what tobiko tastes like, we like to tell you, that Tobiko tastes salty and mild, smoky, crunchy with a soft texture, and sweeter as compared to other kinds of Roe.

And if you are planning to eat  Rice and fish for today’s dinner, then there is no other compliment than Tobiko as it enhances its taste and makes you overeat.

Once you have come to Tobiko Sushi Roll there is no coming back.

Now, let’s take a glance at the types of Tobiko available.

Variety of Tobiko Available.

Here is all you can eat Sushi with Tobiko.

  • Green Tobiko: With Wasaki
  • Black Tobiko: With Squid Ink
  • Red Tobiko: With Beetroot
  • Yellow Tobiko: With Japanese citrus lemon.

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